1-ON-1 With Graphic Artist Robin Velghe aka RHYMEZLIKEDIMEZ

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When we profiled the talents of Robin Velghe aka RHYMEZLIKEDIMEZ last week there we two things we kept wanting: more art and more info on this prodigy-in-the-making. With that in mind, we took some time to dive into the style of RHYMEZLIKEDIMEZ and find out where he gets his inspiration, what his future holds and even a little something about his popcorn skills. Wait what? Hit the interview below to find out.

We’re also proud to be unveiling two all-new RHYMEZ pieces within the story. Whether you’re an aspiring designer like Velghe, or just a fan of pop art, there’s plenty to learn today. It pays to read y’all…

Robin Velghe BKA RHYMEZLIKEDIMEZ: The Interview

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? How did you get started making graphics?

I’m a 21-year-old illustrator from Lendelede, a small town in West-Flanders, Belgium. Not very much was happening there, so as a kid I would either go skateboarding with friends or draw all day. I have no brothers or sisters so when I went out with my parents, I always carried this bag with my gameboy and drawing materials. In high school I was continuously sketching skateboarding dudes and other characters on my books. After high school, I went to the School of Arts in Ghent to study illustration. I started doing posters for small gigs. It’s around that time I began to focus more on graphic design and how I could integrate my illustrations in a design.

What programs or apps do you use when creating new illustrations and designs?

First I was a die-hard photoshop user, but later I started appreciating Adobe Illustrator. Since the work for Rhymezlikedimez is pretty minimalistic, I use Illustrator to do the linework. I also learned how to animate a bit in After Effects.

Take a look at RHYMEZ’ latest piece below, “Spent It All On B!tches” featuring your boy — and ours — The Weeknd.


What inspires your designs? Is it another artist or style?

The Rhymezlikedimez designs are obviously inspired by the artists I’m drawing [at the time]. In the beginning, the concept of the art was to put an artist into the situation of a certain quote. Usually I use the quotes that I personally find dope. Nowadays, I try to just represent the artist the way I see him.

Who are some of your “design heroes?” Who are your favorites right now?Robin Velghe BKA RHYMEZLIKEDIMEZ

My first hero ever was Jan Bosschaert. He is a Belgian illustrator who did the illustrations for a lot of children books and comics. Now there are many people I look up to. Artists like T-Wei and Piet Parra… There are really
too many to name them all.

Is there anything you’ve seen recently where you thought, “I could have done that” or “I could have done that better?”

It’s easy to say ‘I can do that’ but I get a little sad when I see cheap illustrated advertisements to promote a certain product. Sometimes I think: why would they even pay for that?

How long does it take, from start to finish, to create each piece?

It’s hard to say because I usually don’t create them in one ‘take’, and every piece is different. The Rhymezlikedimez pieces are not very detailed. I do that on purpose, because it helps me to make them visually recognisable. It also makes it easier to do a lot of illustrations in an efficient way.

What’s the biggest struggle in creating something fresh?

The defined style makes it both easier and harder. I like bright colours like pink, turquoise and yellow. I always use those colours for Rhymezlikedimez. I’m often struggling with the limited color palette. When I did the piece about The Weeknd for example, I know he always wears black. But that didn’t work out so I gave him a blue coat. It’s also important to not get lost into details. I have to find a balance between recognizability and simplicity.

What inspires you? Music? Other art? Describe your creative process.

Really everything, but mostly music, movies and people. I think it’s mainly the atmosphere around everything. Sometimes I remember a certain feeling I got from a movie or a song, and then I have to use that to create something. It usually fades away in an hour, which forces me to work focused. Off course I get inspired by other artists too, but I try not to do that too much. We often copy faster than we think.

What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment so far?

I just graduated college so that’s an accomplishment. I don’t have any major projects on my name yet, but I hope they’ll come in the future. I’m very grateful for the projects I worked on on my internship at Eugene and Louise Studio. I got the chance to help a little on the rebranding of a Belgian TV-channel and -program.

And here’s the second RHYMEZLIKEDIMEZ exclusive, it’s Earl Sweatshirt stone cold chillin’

What’s been your biggest struggle so far?

The struggle is very real right now. (haha) I have to choose between another 2 years of studying at art college, or starting to work. Art school here is a safe zone. Doing school assignments and getting good grades is all that matters. Now I graduated and real life starts to kick in. Gotta think about the future. It’s hard to choose.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Like most people, I hope I can live off of money I make doing what I love. For me, that’s drawing, designing, creating. I really can’t imagine what I’ll do in five years though.

Do you have any advice for aspiring designers out there?

Put in work. It’s corny but I had to quote Ferg. Me, too. I’m drawing far too little.  Here’s more advice: don’t follow the hype too much. [The hype] being either music or illustrations, I can’t create good things if I don’t feel them. Motivation is incredibly important, and you don’t get motivated by doing things you don’t genuinely like.

Tell us something no one else knows about you.

My popcorn making skills are really tight.


At least someone respects a good bag of popcorn like us. We hope you enjoy this look inside the mind of Robin Velghe, a young up-and-comer we feel is bound for big things. Get familiar with his social media accounts below, and enjoy a gallery of his designs — and a couple shots of him, too below.

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