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10 Deep Just Won’t Let The Camo Die

March 2nd, 2013 | | | 3719 views by


We all know it. Everyone sees it. Camouflage is being taken out to dry. So many brands are doing so many things with it (or trying to) that it seems like the whole industry is just beating a dead horse, and 10 Deep is the gang leader in the massacre. Season after season the Tenth Division delivers a drop that’s almost exclusively camo and all over print. Sometimes it seems almost satirical, but I have to say that this season is incredible. Something about the line screams “We’re more than just a trend rider,” and you have to appreciate it. The designs are so thoughtful that you just know they’re on a higher plane of thought. 10 Deep might be doing camouflage forever, and after this lookbook I might be okay with that. (Jasmine says “Hi!”)