2 Chainz Watch Out Video

2 Chainz Watch Out Video Is Already The Best Of 2016

January 25th, 2016 | | | 3023 views by

We’re all winning this week thanks to 2 Chainz Watch Out video. The song is a viral hit, being featured in countless Vines as well as the latest Beats By Dre commercial. Now things are set to blow up once you see this video.

It’s almost like Tity Boi said, “let’s give the Internet what they want,” because the LOLz never stop. For four minutes 2 Chainz head is super-imposed over various dancers, pizza guys, babies — you name it. And each one is equally hilarious. When we think about it, the 2 Chainz Watch Out video is basically four minutes of GIF mayhem. Peep ole “Baby Chainz” below and you’ll see why.

GIF courtesy Complex