2016 Streetwear Trends 2016 Streetwear Trends

2016 Streetwear Trends

February 22nd, 2016 | | | 7262 views by

We’re more than two months into the year, which means it’s time to examine some 2016 streetwear trends. This breakdown highlights five of the biggest trends we see blowing up this year. From your feet to you ‘fit, this list will have you looking sooo 2016 in no time. Let’s see what the picks are below.

2016 Streetwear Trends

2016 Streetwear Trends

1. Olympic Gear

In case you hadn’t looked at a calendar, 2016 marks the XXXI Olympiad in Rio. If 2012 is any indication, then you can expect every label to release some sort of Olympic-themed capsule collection. Although not an Olympic event, the 2014 Men’s World Cup turned soccer futbol tops into streetwear mainstays, and that’s likely to be one of the many national items you see around. Whether you’re reading this in the States or abroad, 2016 looks to be the perfect year to show your pride all summer long. Plus, you know you love those hoodies and tees covered in flags and Olympic rings. It’s natural. Look for countless plays on the theme through the summer.

2016 Streetwear Trends

2. Souvenir Jackets

The ’70s may seem like an eon ago, but a little something from that decade is helping to shape the 2016 streetwear trends we’re noticing; souvenir jackets. Popularized during that decade, souvenir jackets can come in any silhouette ie: coach jackets, bombers, etc. The biggest defining factor is that rich, detailed embroidery on the back. It takes us down memory lane to the Vietnam era when returning soldiers came back from service with these jackets featuring all sorts of designs.

Almost 40 years later, these jackets are making a major revival. We’ve seen The Hundreds and Stussy (above) release them already. That doesn’t even factor in high end labels like Louis Vuitton, which  also have these jackets on deck.

Branding may be trending down, but some ornate art like this is always a good look. At least it’s not a giant embroidered box logo, right?

2016 Streetwear Trends

3. All-White Sneakers

Daaaaaaaamn Daniel…back at it again with the white Vans! While this weekend’s upsurge of the Damn Daniel meme doesn’t hurt, this trend started even last year. Considering runners and sleek silhouettes dominate these days, clean kicks only make sense to pair with your outfit.

That coke white colorway never goes away officially, see the Air Force 1 for proof, but it’s bigger than ever now. You can guarantee your white kicks will work with virtually any outfit, and, with a little sun on those bird legs of yours, the contrast in color is perfect.

If all-white kicks are good enough for Daniel, get on one of the biggest 2016 streetwear trends we can forsee.

2016 Streetwear Trends

4. Pastels

We should have seen this one coming from a mile away. If Summer 2015 was “all pink everything,” then 2016 is bound to be all pastel everything. Pantone just named shades of pink and baby blue as their “colors of the year,” and designers are following along. Hell, Danish label RAINS just released its Spring/Summer 2016 lookbook and it’s ALL pastels. And if that isn’t proof enough, this gif of proposed AF-1 colorways for 2016 should bring it home.

See, if the footwear and fashion worlds are up on the pastel trend, then it’s officially official. Plus, everyone looks great in any pastel. This even goes for that “veg tan” craze that’s basically creating tan kicks with a pastel twist.

2016 Streetwear Trends

5. Vans

Yes, just like the AF-1, Vans never die, but 2016 is different than the rest. The year marks the California label’s 50th Anniversary. And you know what anniversaries mean: special releases. We’ve already seen a slew of great Vans releases, and more are soon to come. Whether you’re waiting for the latest Kenzo or Supreme collab, there’s plenty of options and silhouettes to test out.

Factor in a couple buzz-building moments like the speculation of Kanye signing with Vans and Damn Daniel, and you’ve got an avalance of popularity starting out. Don’t believe us? Check out how ole Daniel’s white Vans are going for $11,000+ on eBay right now. It’s time to get suited folks.