AHOODIE.com Exclusive: KusoPop by KusoVinyl kuso-keychains

AHOODIE.com Exclusive: KusoPop by KusoVinyl

September 9th, 2010 | | | 2238 views by

I miss my youth (or more specifically, the youth that came with being a kid of the 1990’s). Pokemon cards, hugging the neighborhood Labrador just before you're called in for dinner at sunset, setting your alarm not for school, but for Sunday morning cartoons. It's excellent business savvy to tap into those emotions, and that's what Kuso, along with many others, did by revitalizing the vinyl toy sector. As Reid so eloquently put it, toy collecting has never been so exciting an endeavor as the modern reincarnation of it that we've been enjoying as of late.

Kuso wants to tap into that unrequited child within all of us with their new line of ready-to-wear, KusoPop. Launching on September 17th on the brand spanking-new KusoPop website, the line will include t-shirts specially designed for the premiere modeled by Linda Le of VampyBit.me, who released a special video commemorating the occasion. There’s also a kickass giveaway for the opening of the new site, with a brand new toy designed by Nakanari as a prize.

Want a taste of the awesomeness that is KusoPop? Check out the exclusive, never-before-seen images below, comment in the comment section on how bangin' Ms. Le’s looks, and remember: unpasteurized milk products are good for the skin.

Keep an eye on KusoPop.com in the coming days, folks. You won’t be disappointed.