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It’s been far too long but Ahoodie Looks is finally back up in that azz with the resurrection. As we work our way toward spring we’re going to try and keep these coming on the regular. And who knows? You might even get an appearance from some of our brilliant new team members. You’ll have to keep it locked to Ahoodie to find out. Without further adieu, we bring you Ahoodie Looks: 14 featuring none other than ya boy.

Hat – Mitchell & Ness Chicago Bulls

As you know from my previous Ahoodie Looks, I’m pretty steady on my hat game, and more than a sucker for that cursive “script” font across the front. As you can tell from this hat, it’s more of that early-90s goodness. I’m typically a Lakers fan by trade, but you can’t spend your whole childhood as a Michael Jordan fan without having a few Bulls hats in the mix. It’s a lifestyle.

Shirt – 10.Deep

10.Deep always seems to find its way onto my radar thanks to the brand’s quality craftsmanship and use of interesting patterns and materials you don’t always see other brands using. Yes, we know 10.Deep rides hard for camo, but let’s not forget about some of their amazing patterns like the floral bacchanal tee (I’ll wait to flash mine for a warmer-weather edition of Ahoodie Looks). It’s like this, 10.Deep has balls and gusto that most brands only wish they had. The Tenth Division, we salute you.

Denim – Public Label by The Hundreds

You’ll undoubtedly recognize these pants from my last appearance in Ahoodie Looks, but there’s no shame in that. This Japanese Kurabo selvedge is amazing and almost three months after purchase, they just keep getting better. It shows that our boy Reese knew what he was talking about in that Raw Denim Buyer’s Guide from last year. Ahoodie.com. You talk it, we live it.

Shoes – Vans

What is there to say about these classics that hasn’t already been written? The Vans Era is one of the brand’s most ubiquitous models, and it’s a necessity to have at least one pair in your closet. You didn’t think I was about to hike through that mossy madness behind me in some retros did you?

Jacket – Leaders x Akomplice VSOP

Now this just might be the most useful jacket in my closet. A couple years back, Chicago’s Leaders linked up with Akomplice’s VSOP line to create this “reverse” varsity jacket and the rest is history. Instead of the leather sleeves that most brands can’t size properly, Leaders opted for fleece sleeves, which give the jacket a clean fit and great look. Throw in chenille appliques that say “LDRS” and “VSOP” on the respective sleeves and you’ve turned this jacket into a hood classic. Speaking of hoods, it actually has interchangeable red and blue hoods. And the jacket actually just gets better. Screw a zipper. This bad boy has custom buttons to give it that peacoat-goes-varsity style. I ain’t mad.

So what’s the verdict on my outfit? Hot sh*t? Hot mess? Hit us up in the comments.