AHOODIE MIX 6: Kap10 “Kruisinnn’ 2: The Getaway” Kap10 AHOODIE MIX 6 Krusinnn' 2: The Getaway (2)

AHOODIE MIX 6: Kap10 “Kruisinnn’ 2: The Getaway”

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Kap10 AHOODIE MIX 6 Krusinnn' 2: The Getaway (2)

It’s been far too long since we brought you a fresh Ahoodie Mix, but much like the heat from Sir Charles last time, we’ve got some 88 miles per hour sh*t for you from our boy Kap10. Because we know you’ve been feeling all the feel-good, dance heavy house tracks from Disclosure, Bondax and others in our Soundcloud Roundups we decided to switch gears with this mix and bring the dance to the party. That’s why we are proud to present to you Kruisinnn’ 2: The Getaway ONLY on Ahoodie.com. And in case you hadn’t guessed it, this mix is the sequel to one of Kap10’s classic mixes Kruisinnn’.

But before we ditch the earrings and bust out the Vaseline, let’s take a second to learn how Kap10 aka Kris Harris has managed to stay in the game for the better part of a decade helping kids lose their sh*t on the dance floor from coast to coast. So for all of you AHOODERS who might be closet DJs and producers, we’d recommend you take notes.

First of all, tell us how you got started DJing. Did a certain producer, set of album motivate you to take a stab?

I can’t recall one particular moment where I was like “yeah this is it!” I think it more or less just snowballed from slowly buying records here and there to then collecting records to messing around on some friends set ups when I could, to “Ok I should really start putting serious time into this”.. When I did start to take it more seriously,  I do remember listening to the K&D Sessions mixtape (Kruder & Dorfmeister) and thinking “Ok these guys got the right idea, this is the kind of vibe of I’m going for.. they were really kind of the first DJs I tried to emulate — so to speak”

When you first started DJing what kind of music did you typically play? Is it different now? 

When I first started I would spin all dub and roots reggae. After I got the basics down I instantly started thinking “why only play one thing?'” and I started buying all these jungle records and going back and forth from the roots to the jungle and thats when I started really picking up on the whole K&D, Thievery, GStone, sound of kind of reggae and dub influenced Hip Hop/ downtempo stuff that I very luckily got known for right as it was becoming  a “thing” . So yeah Id say its pretty different now!

How would you say your sound has evolved over the years? Why?

I’d say again that it just kind of snowballed from one thing to another which is evolving of course, but when I first started, I didn’t really intend to ever really do it for more than my friends and as a creative outlet for myself. So I think just the actual act of DJing really shaped my sound to what it is now, more than anything the more and more I played out, figuring it out what works for some and doesn’t work for others and trying to develop and push that middle ground..Getting in front of people that didn’t want to hear what I was playing and recognizing that for what is, really helped me realize that to me, it’s all about making people happy on the dance floor  And that’s pretty much been my MO since then, making sure people remember how much fun they had on any given night.

What do you think is the key to longevity in the DJ world? How do you keep at it after all this time?

Oh man, that’s a tough one! and a great one i continue to ask myself and others I DJ with. A lot of DJs would say that DJs like myself and other i guess “open format” DJs, kind of “sold out” and if you feel that way then just don’t do it yourself. I think the key is having fun and loving what you do and the WAY  you do it. and that should be the bottom line of any DJ’s longevity. I go through phases  where its kind of auto pilot and I’m really not feeling it and that hurts both me and the people on the dance floor  Once it’s a “job” you really have to keep yourself on your own toes and challenge yourself to always make it fresh for you and thus keep people dancing while doing so. ..and then there is the whole networking/business side that I’m not even gonna touch right now but as long as you’re working at it and having fun along the way, you can do it for as long as you decide you want to do it!

What words of advice do you have for our readers who might be trying to get involved with production and making mixes, etc.?

Again just have fun! Its ALL out there these days, whether you want to DJ or produce or both, you can pretty much start any project from a simple laptop and some headphones. And even if you dont have those, these days one of your friends does or their older brother etc. don’t do it just because DJs/producers are all over the place right now and at every festival and on reality shows etc.. Trust me it(that side of things) won’t last forever in the scheme of things (anyone remember Paul Oakenfold?) Do it cause that’s what you wanna do right when you decide to do it and that’s what should be the deciding factor in any creative endeavor…There is no longer a formula or a way to do things like a “right of passage” I guess (some feel more strongly about the lack of  this than others) if you want to go for it, do it and see what happens. some people might wrongly hate you or even wrongly love you for it but who cares?! No one ever got anywhere in this listening to people telling them to do this or that.. (until you have a legitimate manager or something, then maybe see what they have to say, it will probably help you out)

What are you favorite types of sets to play? 

I’m gonna give a completely 180-degree answer here and say crazy fun House sets and “to the windows to the walls” dirty rap sets… They both just get people so into it and outta control.. not caring about anything else in the world but what’s going on on the dance floor.. that’s what does it for me.

What programs, synths, instruments, etc. do you use when making music and playing out and about?

I haven’t really been doing that much production as of late but when I do, its Ableton, mpc 2000, and various plug ins, VSTs etc..unfortunately most of the synths I did use are not of the analog variety anymore.. as far as straight ahead DJing I’m all turntables and Serato and or maybe just a controller for a corporate gig or something.

What do you listen to for inspiration?

As far as production I’d say it would be whoever I’m feeling at any given time which can change drastically.. and for DJing id say it’s mixes, live sets and mixes…  I  try to listen to everyone, people I love and people I “don’t get yet”… I like to know  a little bit of everything that’s out there so it’s good to hear what other people are feeling just as much as the mixes I know I want to listen to as soon as I see the info… as far as my style goes right now I like to listen to  club DJs/ party rockers and what they got going on.. Four Color Zack, Jayceeoh, Fashen, Scene, etc. they really got that whole “keep the party going and impressing the shit out of people” set on lock and its that kind of thing that really keeps me striving to always get better.

What producers, bands and artists are blowing your mind right now?

So many! It’s truly an awesome time right now…. all sorts of different stuff  all of the dudes on here of course – Only Children, Viceroy, Rhye, always Classixx, Branchez, Goldroom, AlunaGeorge etc.. Kaytranada, Cyril Hahn, Jessie Ware, Banks, still getting a lot of play out of the Odesza album and “beat” stuff like that(Sweater Beats, Yahtzel etc), stoked to see what Phoenix comes up with, Miguel, Jai Paul, How to Dress Well… Damn I could go on for days for real! Rap is all sorts of fun right now on all levels-radio, internet, club etc. Too many to name as far as that goes, that really gets the most of my headphone getting around time honestly.. I’m also really liking everyone kind of meeting in the middle too..Diplo and just about everyone, Jeremih and Shlomo, Pusha T with Salva, the HudMos and Baauers working with the Yeezys and Just Blazes, its really exciting and shows again that anything is possible right now and as cliche as all that might sound its really up to you and what direction you wanna go on whatever day it may be and from there where you want to take it

Soundcloud or Beatport?

I honestly really haven’t liked any of the new stuff that Soundcloud has been doing to change their layout and page in general and Beatport is always so much to weed through. Although they both obviously serve great purposes and do so pretty well, I’m gonna go with Vine!! hahaa

And lastly, tell us about Kruisinnn’ 2: The Getaway and why you’re hella hype about it.

This mix is basically what I’m feeling right now in regards to the spring/summer coming around (some places sooner than others) pools starting to fill up, long and short road trips being planned, vacation time submitted, ya know just fun in the sun..when we first started going back and forth in the layout of this mix, you referenced Kruisinnn as a jump off point which is still IMHO, one of the best mixes I’ve put together by myself in a long time, if not ever…So that got me really hype on trying to top that from an artist/djs perspective and also just wanting to put out another solid mix of good tunes that caters to whatever you might find yourself doing in these coming months of joyriding, pool parties, beaches and bathing suits — and all around just enjoying each other

And now we proudly present to you AHOODERS, Ahoodie Mix 6: Krusinnn’ 2: The Getaway from Kap10.


Justin Timberlake – Let The Groove Get In (Sammy Bananas Bootleg)
Only Children – Whatcha Wanna
Rhye – Open (Rhode & Brown Edit)
Grizzly Bear – Gun-Shy (Lindstrom RMX)
Viceroy – Chase Us Around ft Madi Diaz
Touch & Go – Gotta Have U
Classixx – Holding on
Fire Flowerz – Stomp
Ash Reynolds – Whats Missing
Blackstreet – No Diggity (Fare Soldi RMX)
Michael Jackson – PYT (Bixel Boys RMX)
Treasure Fingers – Cloud Life
Jay Vegas – Heat It (KAP Calle Edit)
Solidisco – Never Let You Go
Goldroom – Only You Can Show Me (The Knocks RMX)
Branchez – Shake
AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies (Baauer RMX)
AckeeJuice Rockers – Summer Trigger (Kap10 Raveless RMX)
Kap10 AHOODIE MIX 6 Krusinnn' 2: The Getaway (1)