EXCLUSIVE: AHOODIE TUNE 1 – Reaktor 390627_109762495803813_100003101892723_81505_1246098597_n-1


April 3rd, 2012 | | | 811 views by

Jacob, also known as Reaktor, is the Midlands’ up and coming freshest producer and DJ, creating music for not only elite ears but for a wider audience who carry a passion for alternative sounds. Growing up as a child he has always shared an interest for music and was fond of writing lyrics and MC’ing, which came close in hand with producing various beats in school for fun. Now years on he see’s it as a career and part of his lifestyle.

With a strong love for grime and dubstep, Reaktor supplies us with feel good beats from quirky electronic clips to down and dirty basslines. We have been extremely lucky to recieve a free and exclusive tune from Reaktor. “Fingertips” is the perfect summer’s vibe for a day in the garden with a Corona (Rubicon for those who aren’t legal!) Go check it out, share and download.

Follow Reaktor on Twitter or catch him playing at Naughty Steps every Tuesday at Canvas, Leicester.