Ahoodie TV: Episode 2 !Hype Worcester 11

Ahoodie TV: Episode 2 !Hype Worcester

March 2nd, 2012 | | | 2025 views by

What up world. Thought it was about time I tried my hand at this blogging thing.

So on a cold Tuesday afternoon, me and the homie Jeffrey hopped in my car and headed down to Worcester, UK (after an hour of trying to get the damn Google maps to work) to meet up with two of the realest kids I've met in a while, Sam and Patch Deeley. Owners of street wear (soon to be contemporary/street wear) store “!Hype.”

When we got there it was warm welcomes all around, these two really try their best to make you feel like an individual, rather than “just another customer,” which in my eyes is essential for a street wear store. After telling us about the latest drops they've had delivered and discussing music, Sam braved the camera for an interview with J. Which went pretty well, although a customer did interrupt us half way through… (See video.)

Whilst tucked away in a small shopping arcade called Reindeer Court, !Hype really does have a lot to deliver with great named brands (Diamond Supply Co, Rockwell/Parra, 10 Deep) and a pretty tight store layout to match (does that sound nerdy to anyone?)

Anyways to wrap this up, if you ever have the opportunity to hit up !Hype: Worcester, I strongly recommend you do. If great customer service and a heap of dope brands is your thing, get down there ASAP. It's definitely in mine and Jeffrey's top 5 stores we've been too.

Cameron (From Jeffrey's Account.)