Ahoodie TV: episode 4 Jeffrey Opoku x Agirls IMG_2667

Ahoodie TV: episode 4 Jeffrey Opoku x Agirls

March 16th, 2012 | | | 655 views by


Probably the only word to describe my feelings when me and Jeff hit up AGirl Molly Costello for this Photoshoot x ATV Video. It’s safe to say I struggled to keep a steady hand whilst filming this, and editing it was just as bad.

Anyway, moving on from the seedy part of my mind, Jeff posted a couple days ago showing the outcome of this photoshoot in which we see the new  ”Ahoodie Kidd and box logo” style tee, pretty dope if you ask me. This is a behind the scenes look of the shoot, so without further ado, the video. Enjoy… But not too much guys.

(P.S be sure to check out the NEW Ahoodie Camo Pocket tee’s coming out VERY soon and rep that shit!