BBC Nothings – Camouflage 1

BBC Nothings – Camouflage

April 17th, 2011 | | | 1468 views by

If you know anything about streetwear, you know what Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) is. They released their highly anticipated “Nothing” sneakers last season, and now they’re back for a new colorway.

This colorway is different than all of the other Nothings, being the only non-solid colorway. The whole upper is a printed camouflage canvas, with chartreuse colored, sewn in eyelets. The chartreuse is used for the heel tab as well, which is constructed out of leather. Sewn in on the heel tab is the black “Shadow B” logo of Billionaire Boys Club, which is basically an italicized “B” in a weird font. I was disappointed about the fact that the heel tab is the only hit of leather on this kick, but hey, it still looks dope as shit. Moving on to the tongue, “Billionaire Boys Club” is embroidered vertically on it, which is almost completely covered by the laces of the shoe. When the laces are on the shoe, the only unobstructed letters are “BBC”, which I think is clever. This embroidery is also chartreuse, in case you were wondering. Leather piping on the top of the tongue is also present. Now for the outer sole. The outer sole is a non-vulcanized gum, with basketball-like bumps, except a little less prominent than on an actual basketball. On the outside rear quarter panel, you can find the Helmet Boy logo embossed. The detailing on this is really nice. The bottom of the sole is gum, but for some reason, has a bunch of random textures. The bottom sole has mostly a brick texture, but has cobblestone patterns on the heel and front, and leopard spots on the ball and the inside of your foot. This randomness is finished off with a embossed Helmet Boy on the heel. Lastly, the insole carries the leopard motif, but has zebra colors, with a white background and black spots.

Despite the name, these shoes certainly won’t cost you nothing, carrying a price tage of ¥13,650 ($164.37) at Zozotown, which is the only place online right now that carries these. The American retail for these is $155 USD, and you can find them at your favorite brick-and-mortar BBC store today. Camo is definitely my most favorite fashion trend in a while, I will definitely be copping next time I’m at the flagship store in Soho. Check the pictures below and above, you’ll like ’em. A lot.