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Brotherhood Buyer’s Guide: 11 Graphic Tees By British Brands

October 27th, 2015 | | | 3410 views by

Are you an Anglophile that loves to dip into the British market or just a proud UK citizen looking to rep the isles? Our list of graphic t-shirts contains some names that you’ve no doubt heard of before, but we’ve also taken this opportunity to introduce you to some of Blighty’s up-and-coming talent. So pour yourself a cup of tea and get stuck into our Buyer’s Guide.

indcsn – Rest In Paradise

One of the most recognisable brands in our guide, the team at indcsn bless us with a tee that, on first impressions, seems fit for the summer, but on greater inspection carries a theme grim enough to see you through the cold winter months. Hit up their online store for the cop.

Wisteria Clothing – Boys Don’t Cry

Ask me what the hell is going on in this graphic and I couldn’t tell you. Ask me whether I love Wisteria name-dropping The Cure’s 1980 single of the same name and I’ll give you a big thumbs up. Pick yours up here.

XCVB Clothing – Duck

Salvador Dali wasn’t known for his duck hunting, but if he was his work would probably look something like this. You won’t find this bird on the menu of your local Chinese takeaway. XCVB’s webstore is the place to head.

Skateboard Café – Double D

Imagine if Homer Simpson was Head Designer at Chanel. That’s what the good guys at Skateboard Café have done and it’s got us salivating for graphic goodness. Now donut, I’m going to keep shaking this money in the air, and if you get copped, it’s your own fault. Want it? Here’s where to get it.

Colorsuper – Super Gaiden 3M

This is definitely the slickest way to avoid getting knocked off your bike when riding at night. The reflective 3M print on the this Colorsuper t-shirt glows brighter than Miley Cyrus’ bed sheets under a UV light. This tee is a must for all those nighttime ninjas. Grab it here.

Grind London – Fabulous Private Pool Rooms

The budget here at Brotherhood doesn’t normally stretch to private pools in our hotel suites. One thing I can afford is a tee that stylishly displays one on the front. That’s why I’ll be heading to Grind London’s store to pick one up.

Anyforty – Art Is Our Weapon by James O’Connell

Anyforty are a brand known for collaborating with artists from around the world, so it was tough to pick just one design. We plumped for their work with James O’Connell as it makes us want to soak up the last few rays of British summer sun. Grab yours here.

Dxpechef – Ganesh

Admittedly, I don’t know a great deal about Hinduism. My knowledge of fashion is marginally bigger, so I’m confident when I say this tee featuring the elephant-headed god looks fresh to death. Add some Dope to your wardrobe on this link.

MHI – Midnight Club

MHI is the sister brand of high-end label Maharishi. I’d be upset if my sister was a member of the Midnight Club, how am I going to to explain that to my parents? But it turns out this graphic draws influence from Japanese street racing and not a sordid collective. Head to the MHI store for more.

Light Work – Hound of Hackney

Ever wondered what Tintin’s life would be like if he resided in East London? Well, according to Light Work Clothing he would strap on some Air Max and shave some lines in his hair. No silly beard though. Pick up your Hound of Hackney tee here.

Weirdo – Japanese Comic Girls

I read my fair share of manga, so you can imagine my excitement we I discovered this Japanese-inspired tee from Weirdo. The big, red Kanji symbols grab your attention like a sumo squeezing your testicles. Take a trip to the land of the rising sun via Weirdo’s webstore.