Brotherhood Buyer’s Guide: 21 Stocking Stuffers For Christmas Stocking Stuffers Buying Guide

Brotherhood Buyer’s Guide: 21 Stocking Stuffers For Christmas

December 10th, 2015 | | | 5749 views by

Stuck playing Secret Santa? Need some small gift ideas? Our stocking stuffers buying guide is here to save your Holiday season. Our latest shopping tool features 21 items from rings to pins and on to ornaments and more to help put your stocking stuffing on fleek. No matter your budget, there’s a gift you can give with ease in this list.

As is the case with all our Buyer’s Guides, the slideshow links up with the descriptions below. We also let you know how and where to grab yours at the end of each listing because we do it like that. This is Brotherhood, and we’re here to help you shut the game down in the hottest beanies of the season.

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1. Citizen Brick – Lab Partners Friends with a fellow LEGO head? Aren’t we all? If you want to hook them up but can’t afford the $300 Breaking Bad playset, just get the minifigs! Walt and Jesse are up for grabs from Citizen Brick right now for $50 USD.

2. Stussy – Increase The Peace Ornament Forget those Hallmark ornaments. Let’s make this tree all streetwear everything with Stussy’s classy Increase The Peace ornament. Like your tree? You’ll like it more when you buy this from Stussy’s online store for $20 USD.

3. The Quiet Life – VIP Pin The pin revolution is hot and heavy in 2015, but you can *dead* that ish with this pin from TQL online store available now for $8 USD.

4. CLSC – S2S Pocket Knife Survival is cool, and with CLSC we all know it “sucks 2 suck.” So why not change that when you give this 5-function knife with a gentle reminder on the side. Purchase yours from CLSC’s online shop for $10 USD.

5. Diamond Supply – Leather iPhone 6 Case Classy looks and function? It must be this Diamond iPhone 6 case. We all love leather, and now your phone can too. Buy one from Diamond’s online store for $55 USD now.

6. Jason Markk – 4oz Cleaning Kit By now we all know that Jason Markk’s sneaker cleaning kit is second to none. Share that knowledge with friends and family for $16 USD from the UNDFTD online store. This kit is truth. #trust

7. Stussy – Stock Flask Here’s the ultimate holiday helper, a flask. If someone you know likes some adult beverages, this is the ticket. Buy yours now from Stussy for $75 USD.

8. Supreme – Mophie Space Station Have some friends or family obsessed with box logos? Then take yours on the go with this collabo Mophie iPhone charger. Buy yours only via the Supreme online store now for $238 USD.

9. Raised By Wolves – Bic Lighter Our next pick in the stocking stuffers buying guide is flames — literally. Hook up that fire bug in your life with this custom Bic joint available via RBW’s online store for $6 USD.

10. Stussy – Welcome Mat Needless to say, Stussy kills the stocking stuffer game every year. Wanna hook up your parents? Get this welcome mat and add some shine to your crib. Available via Stussy’s online shop for $75 USD.

11. The Hundreds – Hyena Mug This entry in our stocking stuffers buying guide is all about the office. Doing Secret Santa? Buy someone this killer mug from The Hundreds online store for $16 USD. We all win.

12. HUF – F$%# IT Ring Nothing says “I Love Bae 4 Lyfe” like this HUF “F&$# It” ring. Maybe something else does, but this is cooler. And it’s only $20 USD from the HUF online store? Forget the jewelry store. HUF got it.

13. CLSC – Greatest Skate Deck Here’s one of our favorites on the list. Like skating and basketball? This combines both with a cool Jordan and Kobe graphic. Oh and Kobe’s retiring now? Act fast and buy yours from CLSC’s online store for $50 USD.

14. Beats By Dre – Powerbeats2 Wireless Headphones This is the perfect gift for a workout enthusiast, or just someone who rides public transit all day. And the sound BOOMS. Purchase a pair for $200 USD from BBD now.

15. Supreme – Padlock Got a friend who rides their bike to work, school or all of the above? Then here’s the perfect gift. At $18 USD from Supreme’s online store, you won’t break the bank — or this lock.

16. The Quiet Life – Ping Pong Paddle Case Here’s an obscure choice for our stocking stuffers buying guide. The Quiet Life created a custom ping pong paddle case and we love it. All your ping pong homies will too. Buy one from TQL store for $40 USD.

17. Raised By Wolves – Scented Candle Here’s another gift for the fam or bae that they won’t see coming. Everyone loves a good candle, and this “black rose” scent murks it. Buy one from the RBW online store for $44 USD.

18. HUF – Gratuity Rolling Tray If you live in Colorado this gift is practically required. HUF always help you keep one rolled and that inscription lets everyone know how much you care lol. Buy yours for $10 USD from HUF.

19. Undefeated – Water Canteen Help the crew hike in style with this awesome UNDFTD canteen. That military olive shade is dope and 34 oz is a ton of water. Available from UNDFTD’s online shop for $30 USD.

20. Diamond Supply – Black Diamond Cologne Give your buddy “Stinky Linky” a boost with this gift. The bottle looks awesome and the cologne is even better. Purchase this from Diamond online for $80 USD.

21. Palace Skateboards – Tri-Ferg Pin Palace has blown UP in 2015 and everyone wants a piece. Bring that joy to a friend of family with this Tri-Ferg pin. It’s only $8 USD at the Palace online shop now.

That concludes our stocking stuffers buying guide. Look for one more Buyer’s Guide next week to finish off your Holiday shopping — even if you’re shopping for yourself.