Shelby GT500CR Mustang


March 22nd, 2016 | | | 1400 views by

Thanks to the Classic Recreations crew we’ve got a special Brotherhood Whips coming at you featuring the Shelby GT500CR Mustang. From the inside out, this is one high performance automobile. Let’s dig through the features that make this unique.

The paintjob for the Shelby GT500CR Mustang is a special metallic silver that looks almost bronze in certain lights. The Oklahoma-based renovation crew didn’t stop on the exterior either. Under the hood you’ll find a 427 ci Ford Performance engine with a Procharger F1-R supercharger offering up more than 800 horsepower. Yes, like an eight with two zeroes behind it. Throw in a custom dash, seats and racing seatbelts, and it’s obvious why the Shelby GT500CR Mustang is a special ride.

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