Converse CT1970 Floral Pack

Smell The Flowers In The Converse CT1970 Floral Pack

February 5th, 2015 | | | 2227 views by

Today brings us a look at the Converse CT1970 Floral Pack, which is sure to have you stuntin’ for the spring. The model of choice is naturally the Chuck Taylor. You’ll find both highs and lows included in the two-pair pack that’s hitting stores right now.

The highs in the Converse CT1970 Floral Pack feature the ‘turtle dove’ colorway, which features various shades of brown. You could almost consider it a floral version of chip camo thanks to the palette. The lows in the pack sport the ‘iceberg green’ colorway and are our favorites of the two. The ‘iceberg green’ palette plays off all shades of green from a lighter, minty hue to a pure forest green with even some hits of brown thrown in. Both styles come with your stand Chuck Taylor white outsole with some brown hits to compliment the uppers. You’ll also find alternate laces with each pair to give them a personal touch.

You can find both shoes available now at select Converse retailers like Wish in Atlanta. The highs carry a suggested retail of $85 USD while the lows are $80 USD.

We’re feeling Converse’s latest release. Just don’t tell Meryl Streep. We already know how she feels…

Images Courtesy Wish