Diamond Supply Summer 2016 Lookbook

Diamond Supply Summer 2016 Lookbook

May 10th, 2016 | | | 2647 views by

After seeing the Diamond Supply Summer 2016 lookbook, it’s safe to say this label is growing up. While you’ll still find a few Photoshop-style graphics in the mix, Diamond Supply Co‘s summer range is much more focused and understated than we’ve seen.

For starters, the palette of the Diamond Supply Summer 2016 lookbook plays perfectly on those streetwear trends, like pastels, we told you about in February. Salmon and rosé hues blend perfectly with traditional reds and blues — and of course plenty of that minty Diamond blue. The colors aren’t the only change either. The collection includes sensible, ready to wear items like lightweight jackets and polos (slide 4).

The Diamond Supply Summer 2016 lookbook also give us a preview of some upcoming capsules. Both the Deco Collection and Simplicity Pack are featured. The Deco Collection goes for a bold mix of color and branding while the Simplicity pack brings zoomed in images of a diamond to life — especially on the ladies’ swimsuit releasing this season (slides 11 & 12).

Diamond’s Summer range — both men’s and women’s — is available now at select stockists and the Diamond Supply online store.