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Dopest female DJ of 2012: Jasmine Solano

December 19th, 2012 | | | 1625 views by

So following on from the Ahoodie awards, I thought I’d make it known that (even though we didn’t run any DJ award) for me Jasmine Solano has taken the title of Dopest Female DJ this year.

I first came across Jasmine Solano after one hour of Youtube clicking turned into an all-nighter of continuous video watching, you know what I’m on about. One night is all it took for me to become a fully-fledged fan of hers, it was those intoxicating beats that she spun, the eclectic mix of her beats, and her OG attitude.

I think what also got me is Jasmine’s originality, the way she effortlessly and casually drops bombs during her set list and mixtapes. And what’s more, her m.o comes across as delivering not what tracks we want to hear but what she wants to hear. Which evidently ends up pulling in fans like myself. And if her music doesn’t speak volumes for you, then her resume definitely will. She’s opened up for so many formidable artists which includes the likes of Beyonce, Rakim, Ghostface, Chuck Inglish, Clipse and Wiz Khalifa. She was also featured in Jay Z’s “That’s Rocawear” campaign and rolls deep with the likes of Melo-X, Va$htie, Tone, Ninja Sonik and Melanie Fiona.

But her crazy impressive credentials isn’t what makes Jasmine the dopest female DJ of 2012, it’s the fact that she’s probably the most relatable female DJ that I’ve come across. Jasmine takes one helping of old school, another helping of modernity, and pounds them together to create an orgasmic old school/modern/jah explosion for your ears. Her involvement in the infamous Electric Punanny also helps..

Electric Punanny (aka EP) was created by Jasmine and fellow dj/rapper/friend Melo-X with a view of making it solely about the music through promoting less fighting, more love, more dancing, more grinding and much more daggering. It’s attracted the likes of Diplo, Kid Cudi, Theophilus London, as well as a giant cross-section of music lovers, and more importantly has filled a massive gap in the New York rave scene with its positive lifestyle ethos. EP drops monthly in the city and draws in lovers of reggae, hip-hop, rap, dance, UK funky, pop, soul and everything in between. The Electric Punanny mix tapes have been my daily fix ever since they dropped and they only cement my fanatical love for Jasmine and her Dj skills.

I actually was lucky enough to experience an EP party when it got international recognition, prompting Jasmine and Melo to bring it over to Paris – I’m based in London but no Eurostar train ride was about to get in my way of grinding at a Electric Punanny night. The set list was so damn funky, and completely blew me away. Take it from me when I say that there is no other party on this planet that does it like Electric Punanny..

Jasmine is most definitely a musical force to be reckoned with, and I’m pretty confident that after reading this, and doing a little youtube stalking of your own, you will end up raising your “Jasmine Solano: Dopest Female Dj of 2012” banners with me. If not, download the Electric Punanny mixtapes, close your eyes and let her beats speak for themselves.