DOWNLOADS: Wiz Khalifa, Lunice

February 22nd, 2012 | | | 2972 views by

Another day brings us fresh downloads from a couple guys you may have seen around here recently, Wiz Khalifa and Lunice. The first track comes from Wiz via his Tumblr, entitled ‘Morocco.’ The production on the track has somewhat of an experimental feel and reminds us a little bit of something you might hear from Los Angeles’ Brainfeeder crew. Now while this track doesn’t necessarily come as hard as some of his other material, (go figure) there’s something we are enjoying about this track, which will be featured on his upcoming mixtape Taylor Allerdice. For a bit of insight into what the track means, check out what Wiz said with the release, “This song is about acceptance. Not necessarily feelin unaccepted but not really feelin accepted for who you are”. Now that’s a message we can ALL understand.

But the good vibes don’t stop there. Yesterday, our boy Lunice must have been feeling the love too as he decided to give away his track ‘The Good Kids’ for free via his Twitter for everybody that’s out there ‘killing it right now.’  Kinda reminds you of the Ahoodie crew, right?

Now check out the download we’ve got for you below from Lunice. ‘The Good Kids’ has an escalating sound that compliments the heavy drum beats that kind of remind us of some West Coast hip-hop. And you KNOW we aren’t mad at that.