DroneBoy: Super Rare Hoodie and Hot New Tee/Jacket DBMOTTO6

DroneBoy: Super Rare Hoodie and Hot New Tee/Jacket

December 14th, 2010 | | | 2325 views by

What do you consider to be rare? A red squirrel in England? A shiny Charizard Pokemon card? A woman that gives you some space when you get in from work? Whilst all these things are pretty hard to come across, you'd probably stand a better chance of finding one than seeing someone else wearing the new DroneBoy hoodie. The latest colourway is like gold-dust, limited to just twelve pieces. Yes, you read that right, TWELVE! As we already know the ‘Miner Threat' design is banging (otherwise I wouldn't have written about it before), so the fact that there are so few of these in hooded form is something really unique, especially in today's overly mass-produced world. But hey, DroneBoy are all about the people and not the corporations.

Speaking of the people, in particular those that originate from DB's neck of the woods, the latest tee and moto jacket release named “Music Makers”, gives a touching nod to both the historical and contemporary inspirations of Llandaff in Wales. The aggressive looking quaver on the back gives a shout out to all those striving to make it in the thumping world of drum n bass and dubstep which is so prevalent to the urban youth of today. I'll vouch for that, my back is murder this week after a big night of bass driven riddims on Saturday. Damn, maybe this pain means I'm not a youth anymore! The big teeth and distinct lack of eyes in the design reminds me of Alien, or more humourously Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors. Feed me, Seymour! Also located on the rear is the phrase “We are the Dreamers of Dreams”, which is a quote from local legend, Roald Dahl's ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. The words were spoken by charismatic enigma, Willy Wonka, who stands up as one of the great creative muses for so many children around the world. As with the Miner Threat tee, this portrays a fantastic infusion of both the old and new inhabitants of this part of Wales.

These motivated masterpieces are available from the DroneBoy Laundry store, but be quick before they become harder to find than Mike Teavee!

Limited Edition Miner Threat Hoodie:

Music Makers Moto Jacket:

Music Makers Tee: