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Fab 5 Top Ten Sneakers

March 18th, 2011 | | | 3052 views by

After watching the excellent documentary on the college basketball players from Michigan known as the “Fab 5,” I wanted to know more about them. The Fab 5 are well known even today because of their style – shaved heads, black shoes, high black socks, baggy shorts, and an all freshmen starting lineup. Now I know nowadays everyone wears black shoes and socks, but back then (1991) it was a fashion statement. The Fab 5 always stayed fresh with their Nike collection of shoes. Their Nike collection included Air Flight Huarache, Jordan 9's, and the Air Force Max. I look up to these guys because they didn't care what people thought about them, they wore what they wore because they liked it.

Many people remember this team as the team who lost in the Final Four because of Chris Webber calling a time-out he didn't have. But this team should be remembered as the team who revolutionized the style and swag of basketball. The full list of the Fab 5's sneakers can be viewed here