Festival posessiveness with WEOWN Clothing. FEATURE

Festival posessiveness with WEOWN Clothing.

April 3rd, 2012 | | | 634 views by

Even though it's only April, it could be said that we are quarter of our way through 2012, or even better, much closer to feeling the radiance (or rain, if your in the UK) of summertime. With the mammoth Glastonbury Festival taking it's absence this year, my diary is naturally full to the brim with Swedish House Mafia, Radio 1's Hackney Weekend and the legendary Reading festival. However, my issue was what could I wear? To me, not having the right clothes for a manic music month is like wearing 6.0's at a director's meeting, or sporting a Lanvin suit at a Football match. Fortunately, my issue was solved by WEOWN Clothing, a small ‘Clothing & Madness' company, based in Scotland.

By taking a peek at their webpage it's clear WEOWN have one purpose only; to help students nationally cause chaos at their local celebrations. A look at their ‘Store' shows us a wide range of Unisex clothing available to make an impression, with their shirts boasting phrases like the ambiguous ‘Let Them Eat Crack', ‘Too Much Too young' or perhaps their one-word wonders like their ‘LIFE' Tee. Although they are all snapped up, WEOWN have also collaborated with Count Clockwork, a rising Dubstep/Electronica act. It's a common trend for WEOWN to support local and larger acts, with a section of their FAQ page detailing their potential endorsement, as well as pictures of Laidback Luke and Ed Sheeran rocking their ‘Jack Kills' parody Tees which are scattered throughout the site.

WEOWN don't just rock the party, they MAKE it. Most recently they've been boasting details of a boat party at the Hideout Festival in Croatia, while they also have a booth at Scotland's own Rockness Festival and enjoying support from the likes of Afrojack, Skream, Benga and Radio 1's own Pete Tong. A look at their Blog page also offers free downloads in their ‘Tracks for yo' Weekend' series of mixtapes, as well as their recent success with online store ASOS.

The message from all of this? Well, it's nice to see another small brand start to gain popularity, and make their own lane in the fashion game too. With wicked plastic glasses being available in a rainbow colours (yes, I'm English) and friendly staff if there are any order issues, you can't go wrong. With their Summer 2012 collection being released in May/June, let's hope this summer will be as crazy as their Wallpapers, on the Extras page.

Check out some only a few of their sparingly-priced products below, or head to www.weown.org to cop yours.