HOODIES: Rocksmith The Wingman Zip Up rocksmithwingman_hoodie

HOODIES: Rocksmith The Wingman Zip Up

March 2nd, 2010 | | | 931 views by

I’ve always found Rocksmith had some nice things to offer, kind of like when I come over and your mom offers me coffee, a drink, then your bed (someone’s not sleeping well tonight). Rocksmith’s Wingman hoodie isn’t really something I’d buy in normal terms, but if I saw it on a nice rack, the sales rack that is, I just might get it.

Fortunately, for 40 bucks, it’s a pretty good deal. The different colored sleeve is a unique, I like. No idea what the 808 stands for… 808 & Heartbreaks? Maybe that’s why the hoodie is named the wingman… it’s the hoodie for the guy that always gets the fat chick. Damn it Ahoodie, why do you always get the good ones?

The hoodie is available on Karmaloop for 44.95 $ USD.