Hypnotize U By N.E.R.D N*E*R*D

Hypnotize U By N.E.R.D

December 13th, 2010 | | | 952 views by

When I heard N.E.R.D. had a new album coming out I didn't think much of it, not being a huge fan of their work I didn't really respond to the announcement. Soon after, I heard that the one and only Daft Punk had produced a track titled Hypnotize U on the upcoming album. I legitimately jizzed in my pants, and I mean a full on Andy Samberg. Not only does the song have the classic Daft Punk electronic feel but its quality is heightened tenfold by the smooth sensual voice of Pharrell  (it also doubles as an awesome yet intimate way to set the mood if you ever findyourself alone with that special someone, you know, the one you leave the money on the dresser for).