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Indcsn x Chimp Snapback Cap

March 1st, 2011 | | | 2078 views by

No matter how many times I see the word “snapback”, I still can’t help but think of a rather unfortunate male genitalia-based accident. Ouch, let’s move on…

It’s been well documented on Ahoodie of late (by Liam in particular), that the dominance of the fitted cap in the hat game is gradually coming to an end, with the snapback becoming more and more popular, waiting to usurp the throne. The scene seems to have gone full circle, with those in the know now leaning towards the snapback’s retro styling, epitomised by many west-coast rappers such as Eazy-E and Ice Cube in the early 90’s. So if like me you haven’t owned a snapback cap since the ones you used to get given for free at kid’s club on holiday, where better to start than with the Indcsn x Chimp collaboration. If you’re not familiar with the two names in question, let me fill you in.

Indecision (or Indcsn for short) is a British label that refers to itself as “Not a skate brand, not a t-shirt brand, not American and don’t want to be”. A fairly bold statement, even if it does leave a little to the imagination. Quite often labels will team up with other labels for collaborations. Quite often labels will team up with artists or musicians for collaborations. Not frequently enough will labels team up with stores for collaborations, which is exactly what Chimp is. Started in 1998, this men’s wear shop has gone from strength to strength, being recognised for it’s quality both online and in the flesh. With that in mind, this was always going to have an interesting outcome.

The cap, which is available in black and navy/yellow, features Chimp’s signature banana logo on the front panels. With such a big, ripe bunch bang slap in the middle, this hat is undoubtedly chocked full of potassium (which is good for you kids, just as long as you don’t overdose on it). Both companies name’s are embodied on the side in yellow, just in case anyone doesn’t recognise the fruit on the front.

This hot piece of headwear is available exclusively from Chimp (obviously) from March 5th.