An Instagram Camera Is Happening And It’ll Be Made By Polaroid Instagram Polaroid Camera

An Instagram Camera Is Happening And It’ll Be Made By Polaroid

February 28th, 2013 | | | 1659 views by

At first many of us believed that Instagram was only really good for looking at endless pictures of people’s dinner along with a plethora of slutty selfies. So when Facebook purchased the picture sharing app for a cool $1billion last year we were all left scratching our heads thinking “haven’t they got plenty of that already”. Well, Instagram’s user count has gone through the roof (it now stands at over 100 million) so what better time to start considering how to claw back some of that cheddar, and it seems Zuckerberg was sitting on a cash cow all along!

We now have official conformation that an Instagram camera will be going into production and it will be made by none other than the originators of point-and-click photography, Polaroid. No spec has been announced yet, but we do know they have reserved the rights to knock out accessories as well, such as straps, bags and mirror polish (for when you want to take a picture of your buttocks and you don’t want it to seem like that stain is on your cream hot pants).

Do you think these cameras will take off or will they be thrown in the trash alongside Betamax and Meg Ryan?

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