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Today we’ve got a look at a newcomer to these digital pages, it’s the VIVASTUDIO FATBOYSLIM Collection. While the Fatboyslim moniker might make you think this range is built for a rave on the beach, it’s actually a collection of streetwear staples and trend pieces from South Korea.

The thing about VIVASTUDIO that caught our attention has to be the clean designs. Like we said, staples such as crewnecks blend effortlessly with 2016 streetwear trends like souvenir jackets and side-zip hoodies. One cool feature of note for the souvenir jackets (slides 1 & 2) has to be the Aztec-inspired tiger design on the back. That’s a nice way to add a unique twist to a design we’re seeing all over the place.

On top of the trendy pieces you’ll find sharp graphics like the chenille F crew (slide 11). There’s only plenty of unbranded designs included too, which makes the VIVASTUDIO FATBOYSLIM collection all the better. That’s why we want you to get familiar with South Korea’s latest.

You can shop the entire range at the VIVASTUDIO online store now. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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