The Kanye West Collection – DW Kanye West S/S 2012 Invite

The Kanye West Collection – DW

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Kanye West S/S 2012 Invite

I’m going to be honest here and admit two things – 1) you don’t care to read paragraphs on paragraphs of me admiring Kanye West and 2) I don’t know very much at all about women’s fashion. For these reasons, I’m going to post a bunch of photos from today’s Paris Fashion Week showing of Kanye West’s much anticipated women’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection below and if you are interested, you can read about the whole lead-up to the collection plus my thoughts on everything afterwards.

Kanye West S/S 2012

Kanye West S/S 2012 2

Kanye West Spring/Summer 2012 3


To be honest, we cover almost nothing to do with women’s fashion – we’re not sexist or anything, just prefer to cover stuff we can actually wear and as far as I’m concerned, bikinis don’t work on a six-foot something male. However, Mr. West is in the building and his swagger is indeed on a hundred thousand million, his designer swag that is. As a long time fashion follower and trend setter, it seems as if a collection designed by the fine man himself was on the cards for a while and after his on again – off again Pastelle label was eventually cancelled in 2009, we were all left wondering if it would ever happened. Several appearances at numerous different Fashion Week shoes and even a handful of collaborations with the likes of Louis Vuitton later and news of a runway-worthy collection finally broke, but something didn’t seem quite right…..

Being that he is in fact a male and so he wears male clothes (well there was that one time….) I think we were all expecting some gear for us fashion conscience lads. But alas, it seemed a sex change or at the least a bold fashion statement was in order as it was later confirmed that the collection would actually be for the women of this world. In a way, I was disappointed that – even though the prices would have been extortionate – I would have no chance of getting my mitts on something but in another way, I was excited to see how ‘Ye would dress up some size zero females at Paris Fashion Week.

Weeks and months of rumours passed until eventually, pictures of an invite to the show surfaced. As expected from someone who has previously acknowledged and embraced the fact he is “egotistic”, Kanye’s name featured most prominently on the card, towering above address and RSVP information. However, there was one more thing – the initials DW above the name. The internet conspiracists went to work and everyone’s most obvious guess was the name of Kanye’s late mother, Miss Donda West. Was this the name of the collection? A subtle nod to his inspiration? Or was it just there to make Ye look slightly less big headed? WHO KNEW! But a more pressing question still remained – what would the collection be like?

Well we waited this long and Paris has not failed us, with the collection being shown on the runway earlier today. As I said before – I know very little about women’s fashion so I’m not going to comment on the quality of the designs or anything. Besides, I’m sure Kanye doesn’t care too much about what a male teenager from Scotland thinks of the collection and is more focussed on what fashion’s finest think, many of which were present at the show – Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld for example. But I will say this; many people probably didn’t expect much from a “rapper turned designer” and I’m sure Kanye was more than aware of this but in my eyes, he did it right. Obviously his name was used to a vast extent when both producing and presenting the collection but he could have just gone for the ‘done thing’ and put his name on a collection he knew nothing about and that someone he hired had designed but he didn’t – he applied for and then got internships at fashion houses in Europe and obviously learnt a thing or two about the business, educating himself before jumping in at the very deep end that is Fashion Week. From what I can see, the collection turned out pretty well but that is a very uneducated punt in the dark.

And so, you have (maybe) reached the end of my reasonably lengthy post and so I suppose I should have some sort of concluding sentence but I don’t. To be frank, I’m sick of typing now so feel free to tell me your thoughts via Twitter, Facebook or in the comments section below…


Kanye West at Paris Fashion Week