KAWS Exhibit At Yorkshire Sculpture Park

KAWS Exhibit At Yorkshire Sculpture Park Recap

February 9th, 2016 | | | 3916 views by

Thanks to Jacob Hall, we’ve got an exclusive look at the KAWS exhibit at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in West Bretton, England. If you’ll recall, Jacob brought us the steamy Rachel McDonald shoot last year, and now we’re featuring his exclusive shots of this monstrous exhibit.

The KAWS exhibit at Yorkshire Sculpture Park is the American artist’s first-ever UK showing, which makes it all the more important. Once you factor in the wide range of sculpture, toys, paintings and more on display; it becomes all the more impressive. Yorkshire Sculpture Park will play host to the his work from now through June 12. That means if you like what you’re seeing here, you’ll got plenty of time to witness it first hand.

As you dive into the gallery above, the range of materials utilized is impressive. The giant wooden statues are comprised of African hard wood and dwarf all onlookers (slide 2) at nearly 6 meters in height.

In addition to the sculptures, KAWS also has a series of paintings inside the gallery. YSP describes the paintings as “abstracted forms [that] overlay and interweave, forming shadows and deepening space to reveal a slinking, enigmatic figure.”

Overall, it’s easy to understand why the KAWS exhibit at Yorkshire Sculpture Park is important for the artist and the world of art in general. Spread the word of the exhibit, which runs through June 12. You won’t want to miss this monumental occasion.

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