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Kidrobot For Swatch

July 18th, 2011 | | | 1868 views by

Hot off the heels of their recent collaboration with Comedy Central for South Park, Kidrobot is now also working wonders with the famously trendy Swiss watch maker Swatch. I personally love Swatch watches for their reasonable price and loud designs. The watches (Swatches I guess you could call ’em) are also very lightweight and are remarkably thin, making for a sleek but head turning piece. Kidrobot makes crazy toy designs 24/7, so it only makes sense that they would co-design with Swatch. Kidrobot rounded up the best artists they could find: Gary Baseman, Jeremyville, Frank Kozik, Joe Ledbetter, MAD, Tara McPherson, SSUR, and Tilt, each one making their own Dunny and matching Swatch. For those who don’t know what a Dunny is, it’s basically one of Kidrobot’s silhouettes for toy designs. It looks like a short little dude with a big head and big ears. I know what you’re thinking, it kinda sounds like a scale model of Tyler, The Creator. It’s not. Anyways, the Dunny designs from this collaboration range from portrayals of weird fictitious animals to a Dunny covered in camouflage. Anyone who knows Kidrobot’s design style knows it’s all over the place and can be interpreted a million different ways, so I’ll leave it up to you guys to make something of them. As for the Swatches, the artists did all kinds of things I can’t really describe either. What I can say is that the designs are basically the Dunny’s design made into a pattern and printed on the band, with the face of the Dunny on the face of the watch. You cop these in a pack together for only $70 on the Kidrobot website, starting September 1st. Enjoy the pictures below!

Rumor is you’ll also be able to buy a boxset with all eight watches and Dunnys, also with a HUGE bonus Dunny! I’d cop this…