Liful KANCO Lookbook

Make 2016 Colorful With The LIFUL KANCO Lookbook

February 4th, 2016 | | | 3882 views by

Here’s a peek inside the colorful LIFUL KANCO lookbook. The pictorial not only puts you in #springmode, but also brings a new label into our mix straight from South Korea.  Although this imprint has been around for more than a decade, we only first caught wind of their quality work thanks to a recent collab with The Hundreds.

That changes today. From the slides above you get a real sense of the dance LIFUL does between the realms of menswear and streetwear. Gingham button-ups are presented alongside staples like hoodies and buzzworthy “dad” hats. Throughout the entire LIFUL KANCO lookbook color rules. Every color of the rainbow gets some love in this Spring range be it via the embroidered parrot logos or the vivid crewnecks.

The element that resonated with us has to be the simplistic styling of the lookbook. Call it “normcore” or whatever you like, but the lack of branding and the ability to mix and match the items with ease makes LIFUL’s latest a winner.

Are you convinced? If so, look for all these pieces available now via the LIFUL online store.