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Finding new, quality brands in the flooded scene that is streetwear can be harder than the contents of The Game’s boxers. We love unearthing fresh talent and we’ve got a real diamond in the rough this time. Introducing: Deathtrap, a label from the sunny shores of the UK.

On the topic of overcrowding in the modern fashion landscape, we took the opportunity to speak to the Owner of Deathtrap, Tom Winslade, about his entry into the marketplace and differentiate yourself from the masses:

“Despite the boom in the industry, there’s a huge lack of creativity and quality control. I’m not saying Deathtrap is the saviour of the culture or anything crazy like that, I’m just saying that I want to stir the hornet’s nest a little bit and challenge people’s expectations of a small, independent brand”.

This refreshing approach has definitely got us feeling some kinda way about the brand. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty and take a look at the goods.

We’ve chosen to shine a spotlight on the label’s latest drop, titled “North / South”, a small capsule collection of monochrome magic and simplistically smart designs. Including tees, long-sleeved tops and sweats, this drop is a small yet effective collection of carefully designed garments. Coming slightly oversized, don’t feel like you need to break the bank on YEEZY Season 1 when there’s some very decent alternatives to be snaffled up in this release. For fans of photography, the lookbook was shot by the talented Vicky Grout of London who specialises in documenting the nitty gritty of The Big Smoke, and has used this experience to put her twist on the delivery of this capsule.

So what’s the whole North/South divide all about then. Well, that’s to be left up to your interpretation. One thing not up for discussion is whether you need Deathtrap in your wardrobe, so head over to the brand’s webstore and start grabbing.