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New Drops From A.K.O.O.

July 18th, 2011 | | | 4161 views by

T.I.’s signature clothing line, A King of Oneself (or A.K.O.O. or just Akoo) is still going strong. While I’m still only able to find these threads at Dr. Jays, they still have dope stuff. The brand is centered around the outdoors lifestyle, hunting mostly. The logo is a fox, and can be seen throughout the season. There’s way too much to describe without boring you to death, so here’s just the good stuff.

Akoo’s tees are always on point. The old fashioned styling will make anyone stand out and make all you look tougher than you really are. One shirt shows a realistic drawing of an African boy pulling a slingshot, looking at you as if you killed Obama. On the bottom of this it says, “Duck Ya Head”, reminiscent of the way people in the South speak, like T.I. himself. Another tee is supposed to represent a fictional hunt club, called the Broadbush Hunt Club, and shows a weathered picture of a boar’s head. Under it sports the humorous phrase, “Trust nothing with teeth”. Well said.

Akoo takes it a step past tees and now has rugby-styled polos as well. The Bait and Tackle Polo uses stripe patterns throughout, lending a vintage look. As with the rest of the collection, Akoo chooses the colors for this polo carefully to still keep the outdoorsy feel, using mainly dark colors and light accents. On the chest is a very tiny fox, trying not to be too flashy but at the same time representing the brand. The Choice Stripe Polo has much more traditional horizontal bar striping, but has a huge patch that depicts a hunter on the chest. This polo has green stripes at the top and flows nicely to white stripes at the bottom, with a blue background. You’ll find that a lot of the colors used in the collection aren’t used often together, but come together to make a signature Akoo look. You can also expect to see some button-ups in the collection ranging from lightweight gingham shirts to heavy khaki shirts (yeah, those exist) covered in brand patches. Very diverse.

Akoo also has you covered for bottoms. They make various colored khakis to match the colorful tees and tops, but also have more sophisticated washes for the more fashionable. For example, the Brook Jean has are both faded and bleached to create a bright “watery” look to the denim, something that is exclusive to Akoo. On the rear of this pair of jeans are embroidered pairs of whips on each pocket, another tool used for hunting. The Svelte Jean have a similar wash, but features rips throughout. All of Akoo’s jeans has a lot of capped metal rivets for durability and extra style points.  You can also find Akoo khaki shorts with plaid/gingham patterns and all over fox embroidery. Swag, swag, swag.

There’s so much more to the collection, but I don’t want you ruining your keyboard by drooling all over it, so check the pictures below and click the button below to see the rest of the collection and cop.