Snakes & Booty Shakes in New Freddie Gibbs Video Gibbs "Pronto" Video

Snakes & Booty Shakes in New Freddie Gibbs Video

April 30th, 2015 | | | 4909 views by

A few weeks back we brought you a surprise EP from none other than Gangsta Gibbs and since then the Gary, Indiana rapper has been busy with music and life. Freddie and his fiancee Erica Dickerson just had a baby girl named Irie Jane and Gibbs shared a heartfelt message on Instagram straight from the delivery room that, “Today [was] the reason I ain’t never get smoked or go to prison. Irie u gave me a purpose.” If that was not big enough news he also recently treated his fans to some captivating visuals for the track “Pronto”.

It is straight snakes and booty shakes in the new Freddie Gibbs video and also arguably one of the best hip-hop visuals to come out so far in 2015. Director Nick Walker opted to film in black and white and Gibbs played into the aesthetic perfectly with minimal jewelry, an intricate pattern on his pants and periodic exhales of thick grey smoke. Aside from being covered in exotic snakes many of the themes in the video are not all that unique. There is attractive women, blunt smoke and a slick white car, but Freddie’s intense delivery and interaction with the camera really makes it worth watching. His facial expressions and unbothered stare as he lays in a bathtub full of snakes will make most people pause even if you are not ophidiophobic.

This is videography at its best because it does not try to do too much. Freddie does what he does best by spitting flawless raps, the snakes slither and Walker plays with contrast — a simple but effective formula. Be sure to watch the video above and flip through some of our favorite Gangsta Gibbs pics in the gallery below. Also let us know in the comments how you feel about the track and the visuals. Word on the street is that the other tracks from the surprise EP will have their own videos soon enough as well.