Nike Air Flight Lite x McFly Hoverboard NikeMcFly

Nike Air Flight Lite x McFly Hoverboard

August 29th, 2010 | | | 2532 views by

If you’re a true sneakerhead, then you’re no stranger to the Air Flight series. What could’ve been the Jordans VII are the Air Flight Lite. Michael Jordan’s former partner in Crime, Scottie Pippen, is the legend behind the Air Flight. In 1991,  the Chicago Bulls won the NBA finals after a 5th game, defeating the Los Angeles Lakers. These were the shoes that led Pippen to his victory.Regardless, of his signature models beginning in 96, the Air Flights are the true heirs to Pippen’s legacy.

I’m usually opposed to matching the sneaker’s colors directly with your outfit and see sneakers more as a complimentary , but the original model in green just scram pink laces. Regardless of the Nike Air Mag’s being a different colorway and model I feel like Marty McFly whenever I wear these shoes with this McFly Shirt.  These were reissued about a year or two ago and to my luck I found them a few weeks ago on vacation at a Nike store.