Nintendo Game Boy 1up

This Nintendo Game Boy 1up Concept by Florian Renner Will Blow Your Mind

November 19th, 2015 | | | 2434 views by

German Designer Florian Renner has a dream that needs to become a reality, the Nintendo Game Boy 1up. We came across Renner‘s idea earlier this week, and had to share it with you. If you were a fan of the original (if you’re that old like us) or if you just have the Game Boy iPhone case, you’ll love what you’re about to see.

For Renner’s Nintendo Game Boy 1up concept the “project target was to keep the catchy elements of the original and adapt them to the functions and requirements of current games.” And it’s safe to say he succeeded. The clean, vintage aesthetic of the OG is there with upgrades like X, Y, L and R buttons,  as well as a tilting control pad. Wait what? Peep the GIF below.

Crazy right? And the best part of this idea might just be the materials. Renner constructed the prototype  from natural fiber reinforced plastic to give the 1up an Earth-friendly design (slide 5). Naturally, he also imagines a version with the original screw-the-Earth plastic shell. We’re not complaining.

Now we can only hope the folks at Nintendo help make the Nintendo Game Boy 1up concept available to the masses. One can dream right?

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