#NowOnNetflix Vol. 39 #NowOnNetflix Vol. 39

#NowOnNetflix Vol. 39

April 13th, 2016 | | | 3361 views by

If you’re need a guide to the must-see movies and shows on Netflix right now, let #NowOnNetflix Vol. 39 be your guide. As we do weekly, we’re highlighting five movies and shows that you can’t miss out on. We try to cover all genres, from documentaries to drama and beyond, for an eclectic mix.

This week’s selections bring us a couple a couple classics from the ’90s, a killer documentary, some obscure comedy and even a little romance, tranlsation #netflixandchill. Check out the list below.

#NowOnNetflix Vol. 39

5. Fresh

A lot of other ’90s films like Menace II Society and New Jack City get all the love in terms of movies about troubled youth, gangsters and drugs, but Fresh is not to be missed. The story focuses on Michael aka Fresh, a 12-year-old drug dealer trying to make it in the projects despite being surrounded by negative influences. Ultimately Fresh realizes trappin’ isn’t the game for him, and the film unfolds as he tries to get out of the game.

While the story is rock solid and Sean Nelson is amazing as Fresh, there’s one helluva supporting cast in here. Naturally Samuel L. Jackson as Sam will draw you in as he provides Fresh guidance and more. But the real highlight has to be the early look at Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) from Breaking Bad as the villainous Esteban. We won’t give too much away, but we can say Bad wasn’t this actor’s first time playing a drug deal, ya dig?

Catch up on the classic Fresh right here.

4. Iverson

If you liked the 30 for 30 doc on Allen Iverson from #NowOnNetflix V15, then you’ll love Iverson. With AI making it into the Basketball Hall of Fame this week we had to ride that wave. Originally airing on Showtime in 2014, the documentary dives deep into the history of the most exciting player post Jordan.

Sometimes when a player retires it’s easy to only remember them as YouTube shows us. What Iverson does is explore not only his on court antics, but also his rejection of the NBA’s conservative ways. Whether that came in the form of an outspoken press conference (We’re talkin practice) or his pregame outfits, AI never compromised his values.

Welcome Allen Iverson to the HOF by watching Iverson on Netflix now.

3. Extract

Here’s the point where we bring a semi-obscure crime comedy into the fold of #NowOnNetflix Vol. 39. What makes Extract work has to be the characters. Jason Bateman plays Joel, the owner an extract company, whose life goes from bad to worse. The windfall of bad luck starts when one of his top workers is injured on the job. The avalanche continues there with the introduction of Cindy (Mila Kunis), a scam artist who knows how to add fuel to the fire.

Mike Judge, of Office Space fame, wrote and directed this movie and his brand of comedy is front and center the whole time. If you’ve been jonesing for the return of Silicon Valley (another Judge creation), then Extract delivers all of the LOLZ you deserve. Throw in hilarious appearances from Kristin Wiig, JK Simmons, Ben Affleck and TJ Miller, and you’ve got a comedic dream team on deck.

Get your laugh fix with Extract on Netflix now.

2. The Joneses

When a seemingly perfect family moves into the neighborhood things go from normal to weird in a hurry. The Joneses focuses on a family, lead by Steve (David Duchovny) and Kate (Demi Moore), with all of the coolest new toys, electronics, cars and more. What the neighborhood doesn’t know is that they hold a secret.

We obviously can’t give that secret away here, but what unfolds is actually a smart commentary on consumerism and the never-ending desire to match your neighbors’ and friends’ possessions. Honestly, it’s kind of a dark comedy, which can be just what the doctor ordered. If you’re a fan of Duchovny or Moore, you’re in for one helluva ride. If not, there’s plenty of mystery and intrigue to wrap you up in this 96-minute comedy/drama.

Keep up with The Joneses on Netflix here.

1. Boogie Nights

When we saw Boogie Nights was coming to Netflix in April, it was an obvious choice for #NowOnNetflix Vol. 39. Easily one of this author’s favorite films, Boogie Nights basically launched Director Paul Thomas Anderson into the Hollywood spotlight with an ensemble cast that’s second to none and a script that takes you through pits and peaks like a roller coaster time machine.

Seriously, Boogie Nights has all of the above in a tidy two and a half hour package. If you want laughs, there’s plenty of moments to clown, including Dirk Diggler’s (Mark Wahlberg) coke-addled turn into the worst recording artist of the ’80s. There’s also plenty of drama served up. And that’s all while (very) loosely telling the tale of John Holmes’ rise to stardom and fall from grace thanks to poor choices and cocaine also simply known as cocaine.

There’s a top notch soundtrack of ’70s and ’80s classics from Sniffn’ The Tears, Rick Springfield and so many more to set the tone and dial up the drama in this classic everyone needs to see.

Take a trip to the ’70s porn world of SoCal with Boogie Nights on Netflix.