#NowOnNetflix Vol. 40 “420 Edition” #NowOnNetflix Vol. 40

#NowOnNetflix Vol. 40 “420 Edition”

April 20th, 2016 | | | 3337 views by

It’s time to get lit with #NowOnNetflix Vol. 40 and our special “420 Edition.” Just like last year we’ve selected the five best movies, shows and stand up specials to keep you lifted and laughing all day long.

This week’s selections should fulfill all your cravings. We’ve got appearances from notorious stoners like Snoop and Doug Benson as well as some comedy sure to have you going stupid. Get your Raws ready, cue up Netflix and let’s spend the “holiday” together.

5. Kid Cannabis

To kick off our 420 edition of #NowOnNetflix Vol. 40, we had to dive in headfirst. Kid Cannabis is a comedy that sorta plays like a biography. The story revolves around Nate, an 18-year-old high school dropout who’s moving pounds of ganja across the Canadian border. As you can guess from the premise, there’s plenty of wild situations that pop up throughout including off-the-wall encounters with Ron Perlman from Hellboy and John C. McGinley from Scrubs.

If your idea of essential 420 viewing involves tons of weed, both on the plant and ready to smoke, and the typical “drug dealer gets rich fantasy,” then Kid Cannabis is what you need.

Watch Kid Cannabis on Netflix here.

4. Snoop Lion Reincarnated

How can we pay homage to the “holidays” without help from the almighty Snoop Dogg errr… Lion. Ok we all knew the whole Snoop Lion moniker would never stick, but for today we’re letting it ride. Why? Because Reincarnated has all the makings of the perfect 420 treat.

First of all Reincarnated isn’t just a stoner movie, although there’s more than plenty of green. Because the film follows Snoop and his journey to Jamaica to learn about Rastafarian culture. So on top of all the typical 420 fare, you also get a history lesson — and that never hurt anyone.

Enjoy another life with Reincarnated on Netflix now.

3. Scarface

Admittedly Scarface is more about going fast on the ‘yak than it is about weed, but let’s be real. When it’s getting late tonight, and you can barely see your hand in front of your face, clowning to Scarface sounds about perfect. Whether you’re working on your best “Say goodnight to the bad guy” impression or imitating the “No, Tony don’t shoot me” scene, there’s plenty of 420 fun to be had here.

Do we need to explain more? Roll one up, and get bent to Scarface on Netflix now.

2. Doug Dynasty

If Snoop isn’t the ultimate weed legend, then Doug Benson might be. Released in 2014 only on Netflix, Doug Dynasty is an hour-long chronicle of his first ever set at the Neptune Theater in Seattle. As always Benson brings his a-game to the set, which will have you busting out laughing.

Of course the star of Super High Me has plenty of his hilarious munchie-powered puns and jokes on display. Because today (and really everyday) should be about some laughs, Doug Dynasty was an easy inclusion for #NowOnNetflix Vol. 40.

Stream Doug Dynasty via Netflix.

1. Archer – Season 6

For some reason a little adult animation always seems to do the trick when you’re lit af, so we’re wrapping up this year’s 420 edition with the newest season of Archer. It just dropped on Netflix on March 28, so there’s a good chance many of us (myself included) missed out on this. Luckily we’re fixing that right now.

Season 6 of Archer is simply off-the-wall. And we mean that even for Archer’s standards. There’s bonkers story lines like a visit to Area 51, stolen videos of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and even more tasteless-yet-hilarious tales. It is Archer after all.

Finish off your 420 with some irreverent laughs via Archer’s sixth season on Netflix.