OpenEmu Is The Playstation & N64 Emulator You Dream Of OpenEmu NES Playstation Game Boy N64 Emulator

OpenEmu Is The Playstation & N64 Emulator You Dream Of

December 30th, 2015 | | | 2585 views by

There’s no denying retro gaming is a big deal and the OpenEmu N64 Emulator for Mac could be even bigger. The update to the OpenEmu brings with it simple, all-in-one support for all of those classic systems from the ’90s. From Sega Genesis to the 32x and on to the Atari 5200, they’re all there. In total, the update brings 16 systems to your fingertips.

What Systems Can We Play?

  • Atari 5200 (Atari800)
  • Atari 7800 (ProSystem)
  • Atari Lynx (Mednafen)
  • ColecoVision (CrabEmu)
  • Famicom Disk System (Nestopia)
  • Intellivision (Bliss)
  • Nintendo 64 (Mupen64Plus)
  • Odyssey²/Videopac+ (O2EM)
  • PC-FX (Mednafen)
  • SG-1000 (CrabEmu)
  • Sega CD (GenesisPlus)
  • Sony PSP (PPSSPP)
  • Sony PlayStation (Mednafen)
  • TurboGrafx-CD/PCE-CD (Mednafen)
  • Vectrex (VecXGL)
  • WonderSwan (Mednafen)

How Does It Work?

Some of the features of this insane N64 emulator include real-time gameplay rewind, enhanced screenshot organization, improved home brew support and various interface upgrades. The interface upgrades are key as they help organize all of your games ROMs in one place.

All you need is to have the ROMs downloaded and you can drag and drop them into the OpenEmu library. From there, you’re ready to play. In fact, any generic HID compliant USB or Bluetooth game controller should work with OpenEmu out of the box. OpenEmu now automatically maps controls for the following recognized devices in label’s database:

PlayStation Dualshock 3 and Dualshock 4
Wiimote and Wii U Pro
Xbox 360 & 3rd party (driver required)
SteelSeries Nimbus
SteelSeries Stratus XL
Sega Saturn USB
PS3 Neo Geo Pad USB
Logitech series (Dual Action, Rumblepad 2, Gamepad F310/F510/F710)
Gravis GamePad Pro
Retrode (SNES)

Ok, so what’s the cost?

This is why we’re so hype on the OpenEmu Playstation, Atari, Sega, Nintendo, N64 Emulator… it’s FREE. All you need to do is download the free zip file to your Mac, and you’re ready to start. Sadly for PC users, OpenEmu is not available yet. But stick with Brotherhood, and we’ll have more info soon.

The real question is: WHERE’S THAT NEO-GEO SUPPORT?

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