Move Over Mona Lisa, Paul Smith’s New Watch Is A Masterpiece Paul Smith Masterpiece Watch

Move Over Mona Lisa, Paul Smith’s New Watch Is A Masterpiece

April 9th, 2013 | | | 2772 views by

What does Paul Smith’s new watch and the Spartan army have in common? There’s only 300 of them and they whoop the sh*t out of the competition!

It takes a certain kind of arrogance confidence to proclaim something you have created as a masterpiece, but that is exactly what the flamboyant British designer has done, with justified results. This incredibly limited timepiece has all the hallmarks of a classic, from it’s gold-plated bezel to it’s sweeping seconds hand. It’s a watch created with aesthetics in mind, as opposed to functionality. Paul Smith clearly had no interest in crafting a piece that can tell you the time in 8 different countries or when your grandmother needs the toilet. In fact, the most technological it gets is it’s self-winding movement (even Postman Pat‘s watch had that).

But, this is an incredibly stylish and luxurious item that I would love to have in my own personal collection if money were no object. And with that statement we move on to the price; £820 (approx. $1255). That’s more than the contents of my piggy bank, but compared to a Rolex or Breitling this is a nice go-between. If you weren’t completely sold on this watch yet then let me turn your attention the back. Etched on the clear viewing panel alongside Paul Smith’s signature is the British Isles. God save the Queen!

Have you got enough pocket money saved up? If so you can pick it up from the PS Online Store.