Philippe Larose Presents: Synergy Philippe Larose Presents: Synergy

Philippe Larose Presents: Synergy

March 29th, 2016 | | | 2744 views by

Brotherhood had the distinct pleasure of spending the day Philippe Larose to shoot the shit about his upcoming tour, shop through Oxford Boutique (address below), take some pictures and grab the most exquisite latte imaginable at Café Olimpico. Larose is a enthrallingly brilliant musician with a contemporary spin on electronic, jazz, funk, groove, etc. His eclectic sound embodies live influences and encompasses the new and the old, needless to say he’s no average playlist specialist you’ll find in every club throughout Montreal.

Synergy is far from the title of the tour, “Synergy is a live audiovisual performance of electronic music accompanied by live drums. It presents how the combination of light and sound can elevate live performance of electronic music. The idea behind Synergy is simple – technology has changed the way people experience music. On one hand, it allows artists to create more complex electronic compositions. This complexity however also prevents them to play their music live. The audience in turn does not experience live music anymore, but rather pre-made music. Larose thus wants to use technology as a means to overcome those barriers and offer a real live performance to his fans. The ultimate goal of Synergy is the interaction between the light, the sound and the audience who understand that music is created live on stage.

Larose has composed the music in a more fundamental way where each instrument is essential to the global experience. The result is a coherent musical arrangement that can be listened from start to finish and that can be played live. The melodies and the drums have been entirely registered in studio which allows for errors and imperfections that are, according to Larose, essential to a true live performance. The desired feeling is more of a live album than one that has been produced in studio.

In addition to the prodigious tour, Larose has partnered with Nanoleaf to develop the concept and the visual element of his performance. Larose has used the Nanoleaf One light bulb as a starting point for creating the Synergy project. Being the most energy efficient light bulb in the world (really!) and super resistant, Larose can rely on it 100% during his performances and through his tours. Being an eco-friendly and technology-driven company, Nanoleaf fits with Larose’s views on what art is and is to become.”

The official Synergy tour kicks off April 5th and we highly suggest you attend! All tour dates are HERE so RSVP, check the show and go hangout with Larose, he’s a dope dude!

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