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As you have seen previously on the Pink Dolphin Sring 2012 lookbook these “RARE individuals” are coming out hot!!!! Pink Dolphin Clothing Co. is lighting the world up like an “Atari” red Ferrari with more co-signs and collabs including Omarion, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Trill OG BUN B and a multitude of other artists.  This clothing line is challenging all of the bigger brands on the block due to its limited production, revisiting old colorways and patterns as well as exclusive collabs that sell out faster than UltraFest . Seems as though the “Legends [of their] Craft” strive on being as limited as a polar bear in Texas!

The new Spring 2013 preview includes some snaps, straps, pants, hoodies, jackets, shirts etc. Not to mention the Pink Dolphin bucket hats and the new sweats, which we’re sure will be huge throughout 2013. And the new vintage trucker hats are killin’ it too.

The new Pink Dolphin Clothing Spring 2013 line is available  via their online store  and a handful of select retailers all around the LA area.

Are y’all grindin’ on that new bucket hat!? Let us know in the comments because I know y’all are stoked about the collection — as am I!  Let me know if those bucket hats are water proof below.