EmojiWorks Emoji Keyboard

Power Your Fingers With EmojiWorks Emoji Keyboard

November 4th, 2015 | | | 2322 views by

Can’t get to the high five emoji fast enough? That’s a thing of the past with EmojiWorks emoji keyboard. The ingenious invention from EmojiWorks combines up to three of the graphic characters per key for quick access. Picking the proper emoji is as simple as two clicks. You hold down a special key corresponding to each emoji’s position and BOOM. The features even run deep enough that you can select skin tones for all of the human emoji (slide 6).

Don’t worry either because the taco, burrito and all iOS 9.1 emoji are represented. But first let’s tell you how this all works.

Bluetooth powers the EmojiWorks emoji keyboard, which works with laptop and desktop versions of Mac and Windows as well as iOS and Windows tablets. There are three versions of the keyboard available: basic, plus and pro (slides 4-6). Each edition increases the number of emoji at your fingertips, with the Pro edition featuring all 200+ designs.

The EmojiWorks emoji keyboard is currently available for pre-order and will retail at prices starting from $79.95 USD for the basic edition and up to $100 for the Pro. Shipping is expected to begin in December.