Primitive Skateboarding Demonstration

Primitive Skateboarding Demonstration & Signing at BaySixty6 Recap

May 21st, 2015 | | | 6750 views by

BaySixty6 in London was lit this week as the Primitive Skateboarding Team took over the park for a special skate demonstration. Paul Rodriguez, Carlos Ribeiro and Nick Tucker from the Primitive squad all made appearances at the free event.

As you can see from the photos above, the Primitive Skateboarding demo was packed with London’s finest. The team treated those in attendance with a showcase of the everyone’s most next level steez. Some special Primitive Apparel giveaways also highlighted the event as everyone got a taste of what makes the team so special — from the park to the threads. One lucky attendee also got a chance to hang with the team before the demo as part of a giveaway from the We Are Rock Solid crew.

But that lucky fan wasn’t the only one who got to meet the squad. Following the demo, the Primitive Skateboarding team headed over to Skate Warehouse to do some signing on decks, apparel and more. P.Rod, Ribeiro and Tucker were all on hand as the massive crowd waited at the doors with their Sharpies in hand.  As you can see in the gallery above, all the latest Primitive decks were on display. If you missed the event, you can actually see these signed beauties hanging at the shop.

Images courtesy Adam Keats/Skate Warehouse and We Are Rock Solid