Primitive Spring/Summer Collection Primitive- Dawn

Primitive Spring/Summer Collection

February 27th, 2012 | | | 4103 views by!

Whether he’s hitting a stair set in his signature Nike sneakers, sipping on his lifetime supply of Mountain Dew, or checking the time on one of his many Nixon watches, it’s plain to see that Paul Rodriguez is a pretty cool guy. If there’s one thing I know about being awesome (which of course I am) it’s that you only attach your name to something special. Unlike George Foreman, P Rod didn’t name his creation after himself, and it won’t help you reduce fat in your diet, but Primitive is still something you need in your life.

The new collection has just been released and I have to say I’m very pleased with what I’m seeing. The release is a fairly meaty one as well (steady, George) which means there’s even more goodness to choose from. Primitive by name, primitive by nature: the collection goes back to basics with some simple yet solid designs, focusing predominantly on t-shirts. The drop is too big to discuss every single item, but it’s fair to say I do have a few favourites. Up there amongst the best is the “Spirit” tee which depicts the face of the late Kurt Cobain. I’m not sure if it’s named after Nirvana’s cult classic or the fact that Kurt is now in fact a spirit. The “Pass the Bone” design is also another of my faves as it parodies an image found on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. I wonder if Michelangelo ever puffed the ‘erb for inspiration?

Below are a few of my top picks from the release, but you can check out the full collection on the Primitive site.