Prints without Ink! New tees from King Noir DCIM100MEDIA

Prints without Ink! New tees from King Noir

January 20th, 2011 | | | 1477 views by

Nowadays it’s very important for companies to take a proactive approach to saving the environment. In fact being green has never been more important. Multinational corporations are franticly trying to decrease their packaging, save water and reduce their carbon emissions. Personally, I think it’s fantastic to see these giant businesses show their caring side, so to celebrate I went for a nice long drive in my V8-powered Ford Mustang while spraying an aerosol can out the window and blaring Ke$ha’s album. When I got a strongly worded letter from the Environmental Health Agency asking me to stop what I was doing, I was shocked. Apparently Ke$ha’s LP is classed noise pollution and I should consider myself a very naughty boy.

Thankfully, King Noir are here to atone for my mischievous antics by ensuring their new t-shirt collection not only looks sh*t hot, but also by  guaranteeing they are of the highest quality. All the tops are made from the very best, 100% organic ring spun cotton, which offer a similar fit to that of American Apparel (except you don’t need a silly moustache to wear them).

A great fit is one thing, but King Noir offer something that American Apparel can’t, and that’s interesting prints. Not only do the designs looks cool, they are printed using either water based ink or a new fangled ‘clear discharge ink’, which apart from sounding a little rude, doesn’t actually contain any ink. Witchcraft!!!

By using these techniques it means you can barely even feel the image on the front, meaning no more scratchy prints that fall apart in the wash. Result!

Get yours now for the bargain price of £19, from the King Noir store.