Puma X Deadmau5 1

Puma X Deadmau5

July 18th, 2011 | | | 4055 views by

Deadmau5, a famous Canadian DJ/electronic music producer is collaborating with Puma for a variety of shoes and hoodies. He’s famous for his mouse head logo. It has a big smile on its face, kinda like Takashi Murakami’s flower head. Deadmau is known for wearing this rodent on his head as he DJs, filling the club with his electro-funk noises. This mouse head is shown on all of the products. The colors and styles are based off of club life, thus bringing neon colors and fresh designs. Low top and high top Pumas are being offered in a variety of good looking colorways, made with leather and suede upper. On the low tops, the mouse is part of a cleat-style fold over tongue that goes right on top of the laces. On the high top, its just a patch on the tongue. On all of the shoes, a custom neon colorway-specific lace with the Deadmau5 logo on it is laced only on the top eyelets, making a two tone appearance. The mouse logo is also transformed into various designs on black hoodies, which have velvet accents as well. Check out what’s up at Puma with Deadmau5 below and get ready to cop at your fave European Puma accounts worldwide.

Also expect to see this little thing floating around: