R.I.P. Jonas Bevacqua jonas

R.I.P. Jonas Bevacqua

May 31st, 2011 | | | 1764 views by

Today is a sad day in street-wear…LRG founder, Jonas Bevacqua was found dead in Los Angeles this morning at the age of 34 with numerous reports saying that he died from a heart attack. Homages have been flooding in for the creative mastermind, with Jonas’ right hand man, Ben Baller tweeting: “Woke up at 8am to the worst news I’ve heard in my lifetime….my best man”. Another tweet read: “I just learned about the passing of a revolutionary mind….R.I.P. #Jonas Bevacqua-Founder of Lifted Research Group (LRG)…rest easy bro”. His father also posted on the social-networking site, saying: “if wealth is measured by love, then we are the richest family in the world”.

In case you don’t know, LRG was found in 1999 by Jonas Bevacqua and Robert Wright. In 2007 it was in the Hot 500 list of fastest-growing companies and reported that in 2006 it’s sales figures were estimated at $150 million. Along with that, the brand also helped rapper B.o.B become the hip-hop star he is today.

Jonas Bevacqua is a true street wear pioneer.

Here is a quote from Jonas in an interview with Hybebeast: My greatest achievement with LRG… “is doing exactly this. I love coming here everyday. I love the products we make, the messages we spread and opportunities we give people to use LRG as a platform to get out their own dreams. I’m very thankful to be doing what I’m doing and to play with such a great team. I really believe in our “group”, or our collective of people that share a similar vision but also bring value and individualism to the table. One of the key elements to our success is constantly reinventing ourselves. It’s true what they say, “The only constant is change.” If you think you’re going be the same exact person you are five years from now you’re completely wrong. In my eyes, if you’re not growing or evolving then you’re dying.”

Many people around the world are grieving today as street-wear has lost such a revolutionary artist. He will surely be missed and we here at Ahoodie will pray for the LRG family and hope for the best.

Jonas’ most famous quote that can be found on almost every LRG product: “Adopt Children…Not Styles”.