Kanye West The Life of Pablo Art

RHYMEZLIKEDIMEZ Creates Kanye West The Life of Pablo Art & More

February 17th, 2016 | | | 4245 views by

We have got some exclusive Kanye West The Life of Pablo art coming at you today courtesy of RHYMEZLIKEDIMEZ. Belgium’s biggest up and coming pop artist Robin Velghe recently created some more illustrations of his favorite musicians for us to share with you. Beyond Kanye, you’ll find Pusha-T, Andre 3000 and Brihang. If you’re not familiar with Brihang, get to know his brand of hip-hop that blends poetry with sensual beats and more via SoundCloud. It proves that good music can translate any language.

While the Kanye West The Life of Pablo art is the big attraction of RHYMEZLIKEDIMEZ latest, don’t overlook his clever take on Pusha-T. Living up the album name Darkest Before the Dawn, Velghe goes for a black and white motif to accent the art. As always Velghe’s curved, cartoon style highlights clever inclusions like a skull full of…well that’s not sand.

If you’re familiar with the “B.O.B.” video from Outkast, then the Andre 3000 piece will hit home. Taken directly from the technicolor chaos of the video, this has to be one of our favorites ever. Hell, we still get lit from time to time to that video just because.

The final illustration features Brihang, whom we mentioned before. The “balanceren” inscription is Dutch meaning “finding balance.” If you check out the track on SoundCloud, you’ll hear how the “song is about finding balance in a relationship, but also in life and in making his debut album,” as Velghe explained.

Big thanks to RHYMEZLIKEDIMEZ for sharing this Kanye West The Life of Pablo art and more with us. Hopefully he’ll have some new treats for us in the future. Until then, make sure you’re following him on Instagram |tumblr | SoundCloud | Behance

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