It’s Arts & Crafts Time: Saucony x The Editor – Jazz Pack Saucony x The Editor

It’s Arts & Crafts Time: Saucony x The Editor – Jazz Pack

February 12th, 2013 | | | 3275 views by

I’m not left speechless by much, but the new collaboration between Saucony and The Editor has left my mouth emptier than Kate Moss’. It’s not often I write an article with the sole purpose of slamming a release, but seriously, what the hell are these?! Let it be known that I’m a big fan of Saucony sneakers, my Grid 9000s are one of my favourite pairs of kicks. Unfortunately, this particular customisation of the classic Jazz silhouette will not be featuring on my birthday wish list.

The Editor, a flamboyant Italian brand, have decided to embellish three colourways with various studs and gems, creating the effect of a cheap seaside souvenir. They’ve also added some leather laces, which look pretty out of place on a runner, along with a branded metal tag. It’s quite safe to say I am not overly impressed with this collaboration, in fact I would go as far as to say it looks like it was created by a child. If my (imaginary) son brought me this home for Father’s Day he would soon be in the loving care of an orphanage.

If on the other hand you are insane and want to purchase them, they are available now from oki-ni.