Soap-Box x Yuu: “SubTitled Project” box 3

Soap-Box x Yuu: “SubTitled Project”

February 23rd, 2011 | | | 2244 views by

Over the last few weeks we’ve seen a very promising intake of new writing talent here at AHOODIE. More authors inevitably means more readers, so I’d like to thank you all for perusing the pages of arguably the most entertaining fashion blog on the web. So if you are new and this is your first time reading one of my posts, I should probably inform you that I’m a very proud Englishman with a love for all things Japanese (except for collecting sex dolls).

With that in mind, I’ve taken it upon myself to create a glorious hybrid dish, fusing traditional food from both countries. For some unknown reason, sales of my crumpet seaweed roll have been devastatingly poor. But all is not lost, for the guys at Soapbox have succeeded where I have failed!

No, not cross-continental cuisine, I’m talking fashion. The British label (of “Shogun Project” fame) has teamed up with gifted Japanese illustrator, Yuu, and in doing so conjured up an instant Eurasian classic. This is the first collaboration between the two creative geniuses, giving life to a beautiful set of triplets. Well, three t-shirts to be precise; SB or Die, Stop Clownin’ and Got Style. The tees come in either white or black, with the SB or Die design available in sweatshirt form as well. I’ll make it no secret that I’m majorly impressed with this collection, particularly the boldness and overall style of the graphics. Those of you out there with ultra analytical eyes may also have noticed that all three designs feature white and/or red, the two colours in both the English and Japanese flags. When I first started writing this article, I searched everywhere to find other great examples of ENG/JAP collaborations, but as I was unsuccessful in doing so I’m going to declare this the greatest of all time! (Prove me wrong).

You can get your hands on the “SubTitled Project”, along with other new Spring releases from Monday 28th February at